Killing Room Free Download

Killing Room Free Download

Killing Room is a first person shooter mixed with a time-like RPG such as RPG and realistic simulation show. You are one of the lucky contenders in Killing Room, a famous reality show in the 22nd century. You know that there is only glory or death – with death in 99 out of 100 cases.

First person shooter
Killing Room offers a classic first person play with many weapons, even melee weapons such as Scythe or Flyswatter’s favorite audience.
Rogue like
There is permanent death, random obstruction and extreme difficulty in the Killing Room to ensure that your skills will be tested correctly and that every wrong step can cause you a lot of trouble.
Actually show parody
We love the idea behind Smash TV’s movie / book Running Man. The killing room is therefore designed for this purpose. Your character is in bad shape but can become rich in a few hours. However, everyone will do their best to prevent it. The murder room is a harsh display of reality, full of sarcastic humor and irony.
Online voting for interested and viewers
You can let a real online audience determine how you’re rewarded or punished while playing. Just broadcast the game and share the URL provided with your followers. This is a completely new way to interact between a player and his audience. We’ve made sure to provide a great deal of fun for both sides while it’s quite optional. Playing without a real online audience is still a complete experience.
Driven by popularity
You will be monitored closely, not only through an online audience. Your actions will be evaluated by the AI ​​audience as well. If you are boring, your popularity will decrease. But if you enjoy crowds, you can become a hero. Being commonplace is everything when it comes to TV shows! Literally, everything, because if you upset the audience, they will make you regret the moment you entered the killing room.
Your character is defined by different attributes – stamina, health, speed, defense, accuracy, etc. You can invest in promoting these features to help you tremendously in your desperate efforts. But you can also rely on elements that can enhance your features and even give you special effects and rewards behind the basic RPG system. There are double jumps, vulnerability to traps, various maps of killing room sets, and tons of other useful things. But if you are a bad boy or a girl of low popularity or enduring online viewers, you can also get problems with the things that will cause you … well, a problem … from notable penalties to your attributes to serious illnesses, inability to run or lose a sample.
Varied and rich in content and way of playing
Rifles and melee weapons, 3 “different worlds” with unique enemies, head battles, more than 100 unique elements, points of interest with bonuses and many others waiting for you in Killing Room. Also, while our offer is always trying to kill the participants, it is not just about shooting. We have prepared many traps, puzzles and other interesting items to make sure that our offer is not boring in any way.

8 random generated levels
Creatures 8 trainer with unique play and animation introduction
Vote online for better interaction between viewers and their audience
15+ weapons
25+ enemy types
150+ unique elements
Fighting, puzzle and trap rooms
Free Content spots
We will support the Killing Room after the release, not only by fixing the bugs but also with free content updates that bring you more elements, weapons, enemies and room variations.


    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel i3 (or AMD equivalent)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: With DirectX 9.0c support (strongly recommended at least budget gaming dedicated GPU)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows compatible Sound card

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Killing Room Free Download

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